Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Halo 4 Renders

Here are some new renders from Halo 4 found on Halo Waypoint (link here), and I have got to say some of these look real, they look like they should be played on a next gen console. So shout out to 343  for their awesome work on Halo 4!

 Character and Enemy Renders
Click on pictures to enlarge them.
Master Chief


Commander Palmer

Captain Del Rio
Commander Lasky

Storm Elite 

Elite Commander

Elite Zealot

Elite Ranger

Elite Warrior

Grunt Heavy

Grunt Imperial

Grunt Ranger

Storm Grunt

Jackal Heavy

Jackal Ranger

Jackal Sniper

Storm Jackal


Weapon and Vehicle Renders
UNSC Shotgun

UNSC Railgun

Frag Grenades

UNSC Machine GUN

UNSC Target Designator

Covenant Beam Rifle

Covenant Concussion Rifle

Covenant Fuel Rod Cannon

Covenant Gravity Hammer

Covenant Plasma Grenades

Covenant Plasma Turret

Covenant Shade Turret

UNSC Warthog [Chaingun]

UNSC Warthog [Gauss]

UNSC Warthog [Rocket]

UNSC Pelican Dropship

UNSC Pelican Gunship

Covenant Phantom

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  1. I saw a lot of locations before I found this renders.
    Thank you for the high and beautiful quality !!!