Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halo 4 Review Articles

Thanks to the embargo lifting we have a Halo 4 Review Explosion. Here a few that were Tweeted out via Halo Waypoint (

*Be careful im sure these reviews contain some spoilers, I havent had the time to read them all yet so I dont know which have spoilers and which dont, so be careful.*

Arstechnia-Halo 4 review: Jumping head first without a Bungie (and loving it)

OXM (Official Xbox Magazine)-Halo 4 Review

Penny Arcade-Halo 4: This isn’t Bungie’s Halo anymore – it’s better

Destructoid-A strong start to the Reclaimer Trilogy

Joystiq-Halo 4 review: Our new Chief Operating Officer

Britbox- Halo 4

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